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Kill Cult member Seven Swords Dancing recently traveled to Spain as a member of the U.S. team participating in the 2014 World Medieval Combat Championships. During the week-long competition the United States team won gold in all events except the longsword and the sword/shield events.  Thanks to this brave warrior and his even braver shoulder camera, he once again has some great videos to share with us.

Congratulations to Kill Cult member Dashivax for being awarded Emperor status for his PvP performance on ESO's Skull Crusher campaign. This is the first Emperor on the campaign, and the first emperor on any campaign for the Daggerfall Covenant faction.

What started as an evening of balanced small scale fights between all three factions escalated into a coordinated two pronged attack on the six control points required for the crowning of an emperor. While a joint team consisting of Kill Cult and our allies, Lords of Death, swept counter clockwise around the map taking territory from the Aldmeri Dominion, a second Daggerfall Covenant army commanded by our ally Among the Shadows moved in the opposite direction neutralizing the Ebonheart Pact and preventing the two sides from combining forces. 


Check out KC on Twitch

Vehementi posted Feb 19, 14
SoS and Thorin stream regularly. Check sidebar on the left.

Elder Scrolls Online Beta

TDH posted Feb 16, 14

Kill Cult had an opportunity to give the upcoming MMO Elder Scrolls Online a chance this past weekend. Our cameraman Zets has thrown together a little sample of the fun had by KC and our LoD friends.

Kill Cult Playing Loadout

Ond posted Feb 16, 14
Some KC playing first person shooter Loadout.